Wilderness Family Counseling

Building Healthy Relationships

for Families,


Fathers and Sons

Camping and Fishing trips designed for time together,
to work, play and heal relationships.

Wilderness Family Counseling offers camping and fishing trips of 5-7 days or longer. Each person will participate in the day-to-day operation of the camp, the fishing excursions, cooking, and recreational activites; and will have an opportunity to work with Gregory in counseling sessions designed to heal relationships in a calm setting surrounded with natural beauty.

Trips will vary in site depending on season. In the summer months, the lakes of Canada and the Northeast are favorite spots for fishing for bass and pike, and camping on an island in the middle of a pristine lake. In the winter, the Florida keys offer a break from long winter nights, with warm sun and salt water fishing for snapper, grouper or barracuda.

Prices of the package vary depending on style of accomodation (varying from lodge to cabin to tents), length of stay, and number of people. Call 1-772-871-6010 for more information or an estimate.

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