Workshop: Anger and Resentment in Relationships

in the Context of Spirituality

Purpose:    To increase participants' understanding of Anger and Resentment in the context of Belief Systems and Spirituality in order to stop the debilitating effects of anger and resentment in relationships. The material presented is both theoretical and experiential.


  • 1) To provide a process for reflection on personal history to learn how family of origin shapes responses of anger and resentment.
  • 2) To identify the resulting self beliefs
  • 3) To place self beliefs in dialogue with scripturally based belief that we are Blessed, Known, Good, and Loved
  • 4) To begin the process of transformation and change from holding negative self beliefs to positive self beliefs
  • 5) To develop a kindness in relationships
  • During the course of the 4-hour workshop, each participant will:

  • 1) map his/her family of origin patterns using the Map of the Early World
  • 2) have observed the relationship of the Map to patterns of anger and resentment
  • 3) be introduced to Blessed, Known, Good, and Loved and the supporting scripture
  • 4) learn to identify self beliefs, positive and negative
  • 5) begin the process of transforming negative self beliefs to positive self beliefs using exercises including guided imagery
  • 6) learn a tool to interrupt the anger process, both internally and relationally
  • This workshop is designed for adults struggling with anger and resentment. It can be offered in either a Judeo-Christian context or a secular environment such  as a work setting.

    Each participant will receive a workbook of approximately 80 pages to be used during the workshop, and independently for continuing the work after the workshop. The workbook contains original concepts and exercises and was written by the workshop presenters, Gregory and Helen Wilson. The Wilsons provide assistance in working on exercises and facilitation for limited small group experience during the workshop, and will be available for supportive follow-up after the workshop through mail, e-mail, internet or phone. One setting which has proven helpful to a number of workshop participants is a weekly facilitated support group. Note: We would prefer to train someone local (pastoral counselor, therapist, or minister) in Belief Systems Therapy to provide follow-up assistance with continuing this work. Please contact us if you are interested in this training.

    For additional information, e-mail or call (770) 381-6539.

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