Dreamwork is the process of recording and reflecting on dreams, especially dreams that feel significant, as if they hold special, often hidden, meaning for the dreamer.

Many people wishing to explore the deeper meaning of their dreams attend dream groups or workshops, or work with specially trained counselors or spiritual directors. In a dream group, a facilitator will provide a safe, confidential environment in which participants explore the symbolic meaning of major components of a dream. We use feeling-tracers to see if the feeling of the dream are also active in the waking life of the dreamer. We start from the belief that the dream has the purpose of helping us become aware of something we are not consciously aware of yet. we ask the question, "What is this dream trying to tell me?"

At the UU Church of Brevard, we periodically hold Dream Groups led by Helen Wilson, (Spiritual Director) and/or Rev. Dr. Gregory Wilson (Pastoral Counselor). If you are interested in dream work in a group or as an individual, please email Helen at hhwilson@gmail.com.